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A unified business management and manufacturing solution designed for small and medium businesses.

  1. Track your sales, inventory, production and financials from a single integrated ERP / MRP solution.
  2. Flexible, feature-rich solution includes powerful user-customization tools.
  3. Multi-branch, multi-warehouse, multi-currency and multilingual solution.
  4. Available in 12 languages with a complete suite of translation tools included.
  5. Built on industry leading Oracle database technology.

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Dynamic 3i ERP and MRP software

Accounting, Business Management and Manufacturing Software

DYNAMIC 3i's Small Business Edition is a complete, flexible, feature-rich business management system that is ready to run straight out of the box. With almost 30 years of development behind it, users can rest assured that DYNAMIC 3i contains the functionality needed to meet the vast and always evolving needs of a growing company. The solution includes all required licenses for up to 10 users (both Oracle and SDC licenses).

Essential Business Tools

DYNAMIC 3i SME includes 10 core modules to form a fully functional, completely integrated business system. With over 350 pre-configured reports available and the ability to integrate third party reporting tools such as Seagate's Crystal Reports and Oracle's Discoverer, the system offers infinite reporting possibilities. Thanks to the more than 20 add-on modules available, DYNAMIC 3i is sure to meet the needs of dynamic business owners while remaining simple and cost effective. For manufacturers DYNAMIC 3i SME can be configured with 5 additional manufacturing modules.

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Flexible and Scalable

While designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses, DYNAMIC 3i's architecture is scaleable. By using a common database structure in all three versions of DYNAMIC 3i, SDC has created a seamless upgrade path allowing your software to grow as your business grows. The system is built on the industry leading Oracle database ensuring businesses that their data is secured in one of the most robust and scaleable databases on the market today.

Client Support

System Dynamics Corporation is committed to upholding the highest standards in business solutions, software support and training for its customers. With extensive online support, dozens of free online training videos and a dedicated staff of expert customer service representatives you are assured a level of support unparalleled in the industry.




SDC software comes translated or translation-ready for other languages, including a facility for end-users to add their own variations in terminology in their national languages. DYNAMIC 3i provides support for most languages including 2 byte database systems such as Chinese or Japanese character sets.

Available languages:

  • Canadian English
  • Canadian French
  • US English
  • Spanish
  • Italian